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Located in the most populous country in the most diverse continent, we have come to realise that conventional financial institutions are handicapped in creating sustainable value for the present generation and the next.

We believe that the future of banking which is here is a new world of smart, personalized and convenient customer experience. This inspired our adoption of an innovative agile business model focused on people’s profound needs and how we can create consistent financial solutions to drive transformation and unforgettable experience

Our impressive portfolio of services includes Agency Banking, Digital Savings and Investments, Value-Added Services (VAS), e-Payment Systems and Platforms, Multi-Level Networking (MLN), Point of Sales Devices(MPOS/POS) and allied services.

We possess the deep intuition and willpower to go wherever the aspirations of our customers take them and help them flourish.




We are people’s company. We empower internal stakeholders to be their best and provide plus one financial solution to our diverse range of customers every day.


We operate at the edge of technological and entrepreneurial innovation, anticipating and championing bright opportunities in ways that matter most and deliver sustainable value to all.


Our lives depend on it. We do not compromise on the highest standard and that which is true, just and fair.


One of our superpowers! We collaborate and build relationships across cultures, individuals and organisations, to empower us with a 360 view of the world which helps strengthen our value propositions to customers.



Divine Mercy - 2014

Started as an informal business under the name Divine Mercy. The mandate was empowering market women with loans

Our Mission

Providing sustainable digital financial infrastructures that continuously empower individuals and businesses to transform their lives and communities.

Our Vision

To be the leading Fintech partner in Africa, facilitating financial inclusion, entrepreneurial development and prosperity via innovative technology.